Apparent road rage fight in Granada Hills caught on camera

Video shows an apparent road rage fight between a motorcyclist and another driver in the Granada Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles.

It happened Tuesday around 3:15 p.m. near Chatsworth Street and Genesta Avenue.

Video shared with FOX 11 shows the incident involved a white pickup truck and a red motorcycle. The motorcycle is seen down on the ground. 

The truck driver and a passenger are seen getting out of the truck and that's when the motorcyclist begins punching the truck driver, who is down on the ground. 

The passenger moves into the driver's side of the truck and watches. 


Once the motorcyclist stops punching the other man and walks back to his bike, the truck driver is seen getting up and walking to the passenger side of the truck. 

The whole incident lasted less than two minutes. 

The truck and motorcycle are seen driving away from the scene in opposite directions.

It's unclear at this time what may have led up to the confrontation. 

The Los Angeles Police Department told FOX 11 officers responded to the scene but were unable to locate the drivers. Neither drive has contacted police.

No other information was immediately available.