This is how LA plans to enforce its new ban on homeless encampments near schools, daycares

The Los Angeles City Council approved a ban on homeless encampments near schools and daycares. A day after it was approved, many are wondering how it will be enforced.

The ban, which was approved Tuesday in a 11-3 vote, bans encampments and RVs within 500 feet of schools and daycares.  

Councilmember Joe Buscaino started working on the ban over a year ago.  

"The challenging part moving forward is we make laws as a city council and we have to ensure the laws are enforced," he told FOX 11.

As of now, officials say it’s engagement vs. enforcement. The plan is to offer unhoused residents housing options and follow up with law enforcement if necessary.  

"If there is no timeline and no enforcement, then you’ll continue to enable this behavior we are seeing next to school yards."

The mayor has 10 days to sign the ordinance, then it can be enforced 30 days after it is signed. Several tents and RVs have already started moving within certain parts of the city.  

Students, who tell us that they are used to people calling them over from the tents, are glad to hear the fences surrounding their field will be cleared. But parents say they can’t let their children walk home, with encampments now spread out across the street and beyond.