Suspect struck by big rig attempts carjacking, gets combative with CHP officers

Chaos ensued in the streets of South Los Angeles after a man was struck by a big rig and proceeded to be combative with first responders, officials said.

Video taken from the scene at West 77th Street and South Grand Avenue in South LA’s Florence neighborhood shows the man attempted to punch and carjack an innocent bystander after he was struck by the big rig, despite his injuries.

The man was so severely injured, FOX 11 had to blur the images because the footage was so graphic.

The video also shows when California Highway Patrol officers arrived at the scene, the man got out of the vehicle he was attempting to steal and began charging at officers.  At one point, he even attempted to punch one of them, causing a CHP officer to use a Taser on the suspect. The suspect then fell to the ground and was taken to a hospital.

It was a busy weekend for first responders in South LA as multiple street takeovers occurred in the area. 

No further information was available.