South LA police pursuit ends in 3-car crash

Another police pursuit ended in a crash, this time it was a three-car wreck that injured at least one person. 

It's the latest in a series of recent accidents involving police chases. 

One of the goals of the Los Angeles Police Department is to deescalate these potentially dangerous situations. 

Fortunately, that wasn't the case for this most recent pursuit at Main and 79th Monday, which ended in a three-car crash. The pursuit lasted just over a minute. 

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Officers chased suspect before he crashed into one of their vehicles and was taken into custody. 

Three people taken to nearby hospitals for treatment of non-life threatening injuries, and several cars were damaged. 

It has been a debate for years if police should chase suspects who refuse to stop and when it becomes too dangerous in residential areas.

This comes just one month after deadly crash involving a chase suspect about less than mile away at Manchester and Broadway. 

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In that incident, the LAPD was chasing a speeding Cadillac for just over a minute. Moments before officers turned their lights off, there was a crash when two innocent bystanders were killed when their car hit the suspect's car, which was running a red light

According to the California Highway Patrol, nearly 500 people were killed in police chases from 2006-2020, and 100 of those were innocent bystanders.