Redondo Union HS reopens day after safety shutdown

Redondo Union High School was back open Thursday following a safety shutdown the day prior when two students were arrested for bringing weapons onto campus Monday and Tuesday, prompting back-to-back lockdowns. 

The two students in question, two 15-year-old sophomores, were arrested.

Fortunately, the weapons were not discharged and the students were taken into custody. As a result, officials decided to close Redondo Union on Wednesday to conduct a sweep for weapons and explosives using K-9 units. The school board held a virtual meeting yesterday to address and update the families.

The campus was shut down on Wednesday and new safety measures were implemented for the returning students. Metal detectors were placed at three secure locations on the campus, and moving forward, bags and purses will be checked before entering the school. 


According to the Redondo Beach police, the recent arrests of two individuals on campus are not believed to be linked to any planned school shooting or a specific threat to a student. However, district officials have stated that they will take action to expel the two individuals who were arrested.