Rapper remorseful after giveaway event in Hollywood turns dangerous

A local rapper held an event for fans near Hollywood and Highland Monday night.

But the event took a dangerous turn when crowds started to stampede, sending several people to the hospital.

Phora's team posted about the shoe giveaway at Shoe Palace Sunday on Instagram.

But that free giveaway turned into chaos.

Marco Anthony Archer known to his fans as rapper 'Phora' expressed remorse.

"I'm super super sorry to anyone who got hurt," said Phora.

Phora says his team bought over 10 thousand dollars worth of shoes from Shoe Palace in Hollywood.

They expected 2 thousand people.

But LAPD says the crowd was 3 times as large.

"There came a point when LAPD was shutting it down because it was too hectic obviously I was inside Shoe Palace. And I said, ok, this is getting shut down, I'm not going to be able to single handedly meet everyone. So I was just like yo I was going to go outside, yell thank you so much for coming, shake as many hands as I can, got on top of my SUV," said Phora.

Phora can be seen trying to calm people down.

But crowds trampled over each other to meet him, sending eight people to the hospital with minor injuries…. ten more were treated outside the store.

One of those fans was Leslie Herrera, who Phora later took to the hospital himself.

We arranged for them to FaceTime with each other.

Phora invited her to his show Saturday at the Palladium, and says he's trying to make the event that started as positive, end on that same high note.