Post Office Investigating Mail Dumped Into Trash Cans

Bank statements, utility bills, and personal letters, just some of hundreds of pieces of mail dumped into a trash can by a postal worker as witnessed by two Carson neighbors on Wednesday.

The pair confronted the female postal worker and asking her why she was throwing the mail into the can. According to their account, the woman turned the tables on the pair, claiming that they were harassing a federal worker and that their actions could be against the law.

The postal worker then claimed, according to the pair, that she had in fact lost her key in the trash can and she was looking for it. The men helped for a few minutes, but say the woman gave up and walked away without taking the mail with her. When they asked her why, she didn't answer.

They called the L.A. Sheriff's Department which referred them to the U.S. Postal Service. That's when one of the men called FOX 11 News. Our reporter and photographers went to Carson and got a look at all the dumped mail. In addition to the letters, they saw a dozen packages that also had been left in the garbage.

Our cameras were also there when postal inspectors arrived at the Carson home Wednesday afternoon. At first, the inspectors declined to talk to us on camera, then the U.S. Postal Service sent us an official statement about the incident and investigation:

"The vast majority of postal employees who deliver every day to over 152 million addresses in America are dedicated and conscientious workers. The Postal Service takes any betrayal of this trust very seriously. The incident in question has been reported to the Office of the Inspector General who is investigating and appropriate action will be taken."

Shortly after the visit by the postal inspector, the pair took the mail to their local post office and turned it over to a clerk so it could be delivered to its rightful owners.

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