Police chase suspect T-bones innocent driver at end of pursuit

A driver was arrested Wednesday night after a high-speed police chase through Beverly Hills and along Mulholland Drive ended in a violent crash.

The chase started around 7 p.m. Beverly Hills Police said the driver was wanted for allegedly brandishing a weapon. From there, the driver took the chase to the Hollywood Hills. The driver veered into the oncoming lanes of Mulholland several times, flashing their lights at drivers and even speeding between two cars on the two-lane street.

From there, the driver made their way to North Hollywood, where they T-boned an innocent driver at the intersection of Colfax Avenue & Erwin Street. The collision caused the other car to spin three-quarters of the way around. 

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The suspect then bolted from the car, and a Beverly Hills police officer gave chase, eventually apprehending the suspect in an alleyway. 

The people inside the other car were seen sitting on the sidewalk next to their wrecked car.

No other information was immediately available.