Popular LA rooftop restaurant adds 4.5% 'security fee'

Going out to eat keeps getting pricier! 

A popular rooftop restaurant in downtown LA has recently added a ‘security fee’ and many diners are upset. 

Perch LA is now charging a 4.5% security fee. On its website, they say the fee helps protect team members and guests and the money goes directly to security costs. 

Experts say this fee is likely just the beginning. 

"What we are seeing is that there are additional fees being placed at many sit-down restaurants, such as cleaning fees, COVID fees, credit card swipe fees, ranging from 3 to 5%. And I think this is going to continue. They're facing major costs and the only way to kind of deal with this, other than raising menu prices which can turn off people from coming to their restaurant, is to add these surcharge fees at the checkout," said Shon Hiatt, a USC business professor. 


Chef and restaurant owner Andrew Gruel says he's not surprised by the fee, but doesn't believe the added line items help restaurants in the long run.

"The reason it hurts the worker is that when someone is dining out and sees the fee, then they typically take it out on what they otherwise would have tipped the team member in the restaurant. This is going to leave a bad taste in the customer's mouth," Gruel told FOX 11.