Pellet gun rifle recovered in Lancaster deputy shooting, search continues for shooter

Authorities continued to search Thursday for a suspect accused of injuring a Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy on Wednesday afternoon in Lancaster.

LASD officials said that they believe that the suspect shot at the deputy using a pellet gun rifle, striking him in the shoulder causing minor injuries. The deputy was walking to his in the parking lot of the Lancaster Sheriff's Station located at 501 W. Lancaster Boulevard when he was struck, authorities said. The sheriff's department initially reported that the shots were fired from a sniper. 

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Investigators believe that this was an isolated incident targeting a deputy. The apartment complex adjacent to Lancaster Sheriff Station was cleared by the Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB), apartment units were searched and multiple interviews were conducted, however, no suspect was found.

Sheriff's officials said that the deputy sustained a non-penetrating wound to the top of his right shoulder that left a minor injury.

"Damage consistent with a gunshot was noted to the top right shoulder area of the deputy’s uniform shirt," the sheriff's department said in a press release.
A pellet gun rifle was recovered from one of the apartments searched by investigators. Authorities have not released any details as to who resides in that apartment.
The deputies uniform and pellet gun will be sent to the sheriff department’s crime lab for forensic testing.
No arrests have been made. 

Authorities said they do not believe there is any danger to the public.  

The investigation is ongoing.