White nationalist Nick Fuentes gets into food fight at LA In-N-Out, TMZ reports

White nationalist Nick Fuentes was reportedly involved in a food fight at a Los Angeles-area In-N-Out, where he was caught on camera throwing a drink at other customers on Friday, TMZ reports.

Fuentes was allegedly confronted by other patrons and was retaliating after ketchup was thrown at him, according to TMZ. 

Video circulating on social media shows Fuentes throwing his drink toward the couple, while others nearby are inadvertently splashed by the drink in the process. 

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Police were not called and Fuentes left on his own, according to reports.

Last year, Fuentes was labeled by the Department of Justice as a white supremacist.

Fuentes most recently appeared alongside Kanye West on right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' InfoWars show. West has confirmed Fuentes is part of his 2024 presidential campaign team.

Former President Donald Trump had dinner last month with Fuentes and West at Mar-a-Lago, sparking widespread backlash.

Trump has since said he did not know Fuentes, and had he expressed his views during their "very quick dinner," it "wouldn't have been accepted."

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"I had never heard of the man—I had no idea what his views were and they weren’t expressed at the table in our very quick dinner, or it wouldn't have been accepted," Trump said.

Fuentes has a history of making antisemitic racist remarks and engaging in Holocaust revisionism—though he has claimed that he does not deny the Holocaust. 

FOX Television Stations contributed to this report.