1 stabbed at Metro bus stop in South LA

A woman was taken into custody Thursday after a stabbing attack at a bus stop in the South Los Angeles area that left another woman hospitalized. The suspect was allegedly armed with a knife and accompanied by a young child.

The incident was initially reported as occurring on a Metro bus near the corner of Slauson and Figueroa.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded and is continuing to investigate the incident.

"Earlier this morning, two women waiting on the sidewalk at a bus stop near Slauson and Figueroa got into an argument that resulted in one of them stabbing the other," Jose Ubaldo of Metro said in a statement.

According to the LAPD, one person is in custody. The suspect was accompanied by a child about 7 or 8 years of age, police said. 

"Following that incident on the sidewalk, the victim boarded one bus and the suspect boarded a different bus," Ubaldo said. "The bus operator on the victim's bus noticed her injury and immediately called for assistance, which allowed the Los Angeles Fire Department to quickly respond and treat the victim's injuries. She was treated at the scene."

Police did not provide any further information on the suspect, the victim, or the circumstances surrounding the incident.

"Metro thanks the bus operators for being alert and taking quick action to help get aid for the victim and for leading the LAPD to quickly apprehend the suspect," Ubaldo said.

The investigation is ongoing.