Meet Wally. The room service robot of the Residence Inn Marriott at LAX

His name is Wally. He's 3-foot tall robot getting a lot of attention at the Residence Inn Marriott LAX.

This is the usual guest reaction, "We thought he was amazing, it was just so impressive!!"

Wally is a robot on the go, constantly making room service deliveries. You want a sandwich and water? No problem, Wally is on his way. When a guest calls the front desk asking for some type of delivery, employees program Wally with the room number, floor and a message.

Since he can't talk, Wally is programmed to make a phone call when he gets to the room.

Hotel guest Jean Petty says, "I loved it! It was like being in Star Wars. It was like R2D2 coming to your door."

The Residence Inn Marriott at LAX is the only hotel in the Los Angeles area currently using a robot for room service deliveries.

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