These neighborhoods are LA's top water waste offenders

As the record-breaking drought in California gets worse, water districts are imposing unprecedented restrictions on customers. 

It also has led to the most complaints about water waste the city of Los Angeles has ever received.

In the month of May alone, the city of LA received 314 reports of water waste - the highest monthly total ever. 

In May, MyLA311 received 86 reports about water waste in Mid-Wilshire, more than any other neighborhood in Los Angeles. The neighborhood with the second-highest number of complaints was Brentwood, with 53 reports. Sherman Oaks rounded out the top three with 10 reports.

The DWP says the most common mistakes people make are watering on the wrong day or neglecting to fix a leak or broken sprinkler.

On June 1, the city of Los Angeles implemented new water restrictions, including reducing lawn watering from three times to twice per week. The DWP said it would also increase the number of response units that can issue warnings and citations to water waste offenders.

The restrictions followed a declaration of a water shortage emergency in April by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.