Los Angeles opens temporary homeless shelters during COVID-19 pandemic

The North Hollywood Recreation center has been transformed into a temporary homeless shelter. It is one of more than 40 shelters across the city and one of four being operated in conjunction with the non-profit Hope of the Valley.

Hope of the Valley CFO Rowan Van Sleeve tells us each shelter can house between 40-50 adults with strict protocols in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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“We’re maintaining the 6 1/2 feet of social distancing around all people.We are cleaning the shelter every hour we have a 24 hour a day maintenance crew as well as volunteers coming in wiping down all hard surfaces providing everyone with hygienic practices including all the Purell stations everywhere,” Sleeve said.

The shelters will remain open through the pandemic but supplies are still desperately needed.

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“We need feminine products we need underwear we need sweats you know it’s in one room we definitely need sweats and probably most of all we need coffee.” 

For more info: hopeofthevalley.org