22-year-old Los Angeles dog named oldest dog alive by Guinness World Records

Gino, 22, is crowned world's oldest living dog by Guinness World Records. 

He may be 22, but he's forever young in our hearts! 

Meet Gino, a rescue dog living in Los Angeles, who was just named the "oldest dog living" by Guinness World Records.

"I give him all the credit," his human, Alex Wolf told Today. "He’s gotten a lot of love, and I think he’s just a strong dog. He’s been there every step of the way… I’m so glad we got him. He’s the best."

Gino was adopted by Wolf in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado, at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley shelter, according to Guinness. 

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Photo courtesy: Guinness World Records

"I've taken great care of him over the years and he is still in relatively very good shape...and really cute still which is surprising considering his age!" Wolf told Guinness.


Wolf said Gino's healthy diet, veterinary care, and his penchant for life contributes to his longevity. Wolf said Gino also enjoys living in sunny Los Angeles. 

"When he was younger, he used to love exploring my parents’ huge backyard with our other dogs in Manhattan Beach, going on walks off the leash in Venice, going on drives along the coast blasting music with his head out the window, or running around on the golf course in La Quinta," said Wolf, who continues to raise the dog with his girlfriend, Rebecca.

Congrats, Gino!