LAPD officer assaulted by homeless man at Metro station

A man experiencing homelessness was behind bars and was accused of assaulting a Los Angeles Police Department officer at a Metro station in North Hollywood. 

A suspect was behind bars Friday and faces charges of assault on a police officer after the officer was attacked at a Metro station in North Hollywood.

This attack is the latest in a series of violent incidents plaguing the Metro line system. 

The incident happened at the Metro Station on Lankershim Thursday night when the officer was conducting what’s called an end-of-the-line check. Basically, the train was at the end of its line and needed to be taken out for service for cleaning and maintenance. 

Investigators said the suspect, a homeless man who earlier had another encounter with police, was cited and ordered out of the Metro Station. However, the suspect did not want to get off the train. He refused and then began fighting with the officers. 

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During the scuffle, one of the officers ended up with a broken leg.

The suspect was arrested and faces assault charges. As for the officer, he was treated for that broken leg and released from the hospital.

He will be off work until that broken leg heals.