Crimes against LA taco stands, food vendors highest in over a decade, report says

Taco trucks and stands across Los Angeles are being targeted by criminals at an alarming rate, according to a recent report.

Crosstown, a nonprofit publication, compiled public data and pointed out that in July 2023, there were 43 reports of street vendors being victims of a crime, with 25 of the incidents being linked to robberies. The 43 reported incidents is the highest monthly tally since 2010 and more than double the June 2023 figures.

June 2023 saw about 20 reports that month, Crosstown reports.

From the beginning of 2023 to the end of August, there were more than 200 incidents with street vendors being victims of a crime, Crosstown reports. That figure marks a 18% spike from the same period in 2022, Crosstown said.

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These numbers come as Crosstown believes that figure may be much higher due to the victims being hesitant to come forward due to immigration status concerns or language barrier.

In some of the incidents covered by FOX 11 over the summer, the vendors lost hundreds of dollars and some had their cell phones stolen.