Mayor Karen Bass shares her vision for 'A New LA' in State of the City address

Mayor Karen Bass delivered her first State of the City address by sharing her vision for "A New Los Angeles," which was the theme of her speech Monday night.

Bass discussed issues such as the homelessness crisis, public safety and ways to move the city forward in her address. 

"I am 127 days into my Administration, and I can not declare that the State of our City is where it needs to be," Bass said Monday night. "But I am proud to report that together, we have brought change to the city of Los Angeles."

Bass insists the public can see a "clearer path to a New Los Angeles."

"Where the state of our city will be stronger, healthier, happier and safer," she adds.

Bass explained the address is about the state of the LA neighborhoods.

"It’s about the state of your household. It’s about your state of mind: Do you look over your shoulder when walking after dark? Do you feel pride in your local park? Do you have peace of mind because you can pay the rent?" she said.

Bass said she will release the city budget Tuesday, her first time as mayor.


During Monday's address, Bass mentioned that she placed Los Angeles in a state of emergency in her push to address the city's homeless crisis on her first day as mayor.

"This new era of [LA City and County] cooperation is essential to our success," she said. "Especially when it comes to Inside Safe, our new approach to moving people inside from encampments."

Bass mentioned the city's budget will include a $250 million investment to expand the Inside Safe program citywide. The program has a goal of housing 17,000 people experiencing homelessness within her first year as mayor.

"And so today, more than one-thousand Angelenos are living inside and safe through this initiative," Bass said.

Prior to the $250 million investment that she discussed Monday, earlier in the year, the Los Angeles City Council approved a $50 million emergency fund for the mayor to use at her discretion to address the city's homelessness crisis.

Bass recently announced her administration housed approximately 4,000 Angelenos through a collaborative effort -- and of that number, 1,000 Angelenos were housed through her Inside Safe initiative.

"My top priority from day one to day 100 of my administration has been confronting the homelessness crisis with the urgency it requires, and that won't stop," Bass said in a statement. "Together, we will work to make Los Angeles safer and more livable in every neighborhood."

The mayor laid out several public safety priorities such as bolstering the Los Angeles Police Department, supporting training for officers to respond to mental health crises, and expand non-punitive strategies that reduce crime.

Bass has also issued a series of emergency declarations to respond to recent storms. These declarations enabled the city to coordinate responses and secure federal and state funds for significant impacts to the city's power system and infrastructure including filling more than 17,000 potholes throughout city streets