LA County retail theft: Nearly 200 cases filed in 2023

In an effort to combat organized retial theft, LA County District Attorney George Gascón announced that nearly 200 cases have been filed involving adults and juveniles defendants. 

The cases were filed in 2023 as a result of collaboration with countywide law enforcement partners in the organized retail theft task force. 

The DA said his office is prosecuting everyone involved in the crime including the getaway drivers, and people that harbor and sell the stolen items. Sentences can range from probation to state prison, and can include charges such as organized retail theft, grand theft, robbery, second-degree robbery, conspiracy, and receiving stolen property, the DA's office said in a statement

Stores that have been targeted include: 99 Cent Store, American Eagle, Bed Bath and Beyond, CVS, Kevin Jewelers, Kohls, Macy’s, Marshall’s, Nike, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Old Navy, Rite Aid, Ross, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sam’s Club, Sephora, Target, Ulta, Victoria’s Secret, WSS, and numerous small businesses.

"Organized retail theft is not a victimless crime, it harms our community’s sense of security while shopping at these retailers, and the ability for local businesses to succeed. When we saw a rise in organized retail theft crimes, I committed to holding these individuals accountable. Through my partnership with the Organized Retail Theft Task Force, we have been able to track down many of the offenders and bring them to justice," District Attorney Gascón said.


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3 arrested, thousands of dollars worth of stolen items seized during LAPD retail theft raid

Since the creation of the task force, the LA County Sheriff's Office has arrested 438 suspects and filed 309 cases. 

The task force has also recovered millions of dollars in stolen goods. Law enforcement returned $188,000 in merchandise to Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, $250,000 to Kevin Jewelers, and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been returned to Target and CVS.

"Organized retail theft stole the feeling of safety and security from Angelino’s and business owners alike last year," said LAPD Chief Michel Moore. "This regional organized retail theft task force has restored much of this, although, there is work still to be done."

Anyone with information on these types of crimes is urged to contact LAPD Organized Retail Theft Task Force Lt. Michael McComas at 818-374-9420 or email, or the LASO Organized Retail Crime Task Force contact, Lt. Derek White at 562-946-7270 or email You can remain anonymous by calling LA Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.