LA County ending eviction moratorium after 3 years

Tenants in Los Angeles County are no longer covered under the COVID-19 eviction protections.

This comes as the eviction moratorium for eligible LA County residents expired Friday. The moratorium had ended back in January 2023 for Los Angeles city residents.

With that in mind, landlords in both Los Angeles City and County can evict their tenants for a variety of reasons and the tenants can't use COVID-19 hardship as reason for keeping their homes, effective April 1.

According to CalMatters, LA County has nearly 200,000 tenants having unpaid rent.

FOX 11 spoke with Daniel Yukelson, the executive director of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles. Yukelson said evictions in the area are rare.

However, it's still unsettling for the hundreds of thousands of county residents in danger of possibly living on the streets.