Nevada passes 3M population mark with push from Californians

LAS VEGAS (AP) — California is playing an unparalleled role in Nevada's growth, as state population estimates surpassed 3 million people and the U.S. Census Bureau ranked the Silver State as the nation’s fastest-growing in 2018.

USC Study: California's women of color face extra burdens from housing crisis

California's ongoing housing crisis is exacting an especially heavy toll on women of color, who face systemic barriers to opportunity in the Southland and elsewhere, including wage discrimination, biases in the workplace, unsafe transit options and a lack of access to affordable daycare, according to a USC study released Thursday.

Inglewood Coalition, City, make pitches to judge over proposed arena

Pressing a legal challenge to a proposed Clippers arena in Inglewood, attorneys for a residents' group told a judge Tuesday the city violated the California Surplus Land Act by failing to give first priority to a possible affordable housing development on the property.