Karen Bass says her top priorities in LA are homeless crisis, public safety, affordability

Over the course of her campaign and the days following her victory, mayor-elect Karen Bass has vowed to address the homeless crisis in Los Angeles.

On Monday, nearly two weeks after the Nov. 8 general election, she doubled down on her pledge on social media, even adding that "work has already begun."

Last week, during one of her victory speeches, Bass said her message was to solve homelessness, prevent crimes and make housing more affordable for working LA families.

Bass did not specify in her social media post on Monday what she was exactly working on at the moment that would address the homeless crisis.

Bass won the 2022 LA Mayoral race after businessman Rick Caruso conceded days after the Nov. 8 election day. Bass will become the first female mayor of Los Angeles, the second Black person to hold office when she gets sworn in later this Winter.

During the campaign, Bass said she would declare homelessness a local state of emergency on day one. She plans to house 15,000 people by the end of her first year, as well as build more temporary, affordable, and permanent housing. Her goals also include ending street encampments, reduce homelessness and focus on mental health and substance abuse services.

Last week, Bass addressed her supporters after Caruso conceded in the LA Mayor's race:

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