Flash flooding traps Ventura resident in river overnight

A Ventura resident was rescued Tuesday morning after flash flooding trapped on an island in the Ventura River overnight, officials announced.

According to the Ventura County Fire Department, the resident was trapped after rains caused the river to surge near the area of West Old Creek Road and North Ventura Avenue. Crews tried to rescue them on Monday, but access issues prevented crews from being able to get to the trapped resident. They had to shelter on the island overnight.

At daybreak Tuesday, crews returned to the scene to reassess the situation and launched their chopper, which was able to land on the island and bring the resident to the riverbank. They were assessed by medical personnel and were uninjured.


The Ventura County Fire Department's swift water rescue crews were busy Monday as more than a dozen people were stranded as rains caused the river to surge. Nearly 20 people were recovered during one rescue near Main and Peking streets Monday afternoon. Heavy rains also caused mudslides in the area and forced portions of the 101 Freeway to close Monday.