Piles of trash starting to be removed from yard of home in Fairfax District

A house covered in trash in the Fairfax District, where neighbors say they've been complaining for years, began the process of being cleaned up Wednesday. 

Los Angeles city crews descended on the house, commonly known as the "trash house", shortly after LA Mayor Karen Bass met with local residents. 

"We just spoke to several of them and I assured them that we are going to mobilize every and any city agency and this will be dealt with today," Mayor Bass said. 

Images from SkyFOX show multiple cars on the property buried underneath bags of trash. Piles of trash can be seen in the front and back yards. 

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The house was cleaned up years ago, but since then, trash has continued to pile up.

"I see the guy, seems like a nice elderly guy, and he just sort of brings stuff, seems like recyables and garbage. Brings it in a little cart and piles it on a daily basis," said one neighbor. 

"This is part of 8 - 10 years of ongoing violations. There were 23 instances of citations. It starts to get cleaned up and then doesn't get cleaned up. But we are going to take care of this," said councilmember Katy Yaroslavsky.

"Obviously, this has been going on for a while and this is just outrageous. I am tracking this from last night to find out where complaints were logged and what happened in the process. My focus today is getting this done today," Bass added.

The neighborhood says the homeowner, Raymond, has lived in the house for years.