Million-dollar LA home filled with trash becoming an eyesore of Fairfax District

Residents in the Fairfax District are calling a home on a street lined with multi-million-dollar homes a "trash house."

Neighbors don’t only call it an eyesore, but a public safety hazard. 

Residents in the area said the home located near Melrose and Martel avenues has been collecting trash for years. Hundreds of trash bags, measuring up to 5 feet high in some areas, fill the front and back yards of the home.

Neighbors told FOX 11 the smell is unbearable. On some mornings, they've allegedly seen rats running around the trash.

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They also allege the owners walk around in a shopping cart, stuff it with trash, and then bring the bags of trash back to the home. 

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The homeowner has declined to comment. 

Neighbors also said the property owners were fined and it was cleaned about eight years ago, but since then, the trash has been building and getting worse each day.

Los Angeles city officials said they're aware of the issue and are working on a solution that could include cleaning up the home and billing the property owner.