Crews create heartwarming video for fellow firefighter with breast cancer

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She's been saving lives and fighting fires in Pasco County for almost 30 years, but as of recently, she's had to concentrate on one fight in particular- the fight for her life.

Kathy Babcock is currently undergoing chemotherapy after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis earlier this year, and according to her firefighter family, it's only the beginning of her treatment.

"Next will be hormonal reduction injections and then a bilateral mastectomy in January, followed by radiation," explained James Lavine, a fellow Pasco County firefighter.

James' explanation came in an email to FOX 13 Thursday night, along with more details about Kathy's positive attitude, her mission, and how she's inspired all of Pasco County Fire to come up with one of their own.

They're calling it "Operation Make Kathy Smile". It's a YouTube video featuring every fire station in Pasco County, and an outpouring of love and support for Kathy.


It starts off with a little bit of humor (and epic dancing), but sure enough, the tear-jerking portion follows not far behind as footage shows the crews rallying together and making signs of encouragement for Kathy.

James said they met their goal and made Kathy smile (and cry) Thursday when they surprised her with the video and a room full of flowers, balloons and the heartfelt messages made by all of her fellow firefighters.

Every second of the five-minute video is worth the watch. Not only is it heartwarming to see just how many people are wishing Kathy well, but it's also another great opportunity to build Breast Cancer Awareness in the month of October.

Kathy's supporters have set up an online fund to collect donations for her treatment. Visit for more info.

See the video below, and click here for the original.