Calls from community grows to fire any LAPD officer who may be involved in George Floyd social media post

Calls to fire anyone from the Los Angeles Police Department who may be involved in the George Floyd social media post are growing across the country and within the local community.

LAPD launched an internal investigation after allegations of an offensive Valentine-style photo circulating around the department.

It depicts an image of George Floyd with the words "You take my breath away." It appears the post may have originated from the Department's Harbor Division. A captain allegedly saw the post and reported it up the chain of command.

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"The family of George Floyd is outraged. They're devastated. Any LAPD mocking the death of George Floyd should be terminated. They should be terminated immediately because there's no room for mocking anyone's death especially of someone who died at the hands of police," said Najee Ali, speaking in a press conference Monday.

Retired LAPD Sergeant, Cheryl Dorsey, also believes anyone involved should be fired.

"I'm bothered, not just on a human level. You've heard the term, 'Don't kick a man when he's down,' imagine LAPD officers kicking a man when he's dead. George Floyd is not here. He can't defend himself. He has a family," she said.  

Dorsey said it does not come as a surprise to her.

"It's not a surprise to me at all. This is not an anomaly. This is not an aberration. We know this to be true when you look at the history of the Los Angeles Police Department and how they deal with black folks. What is surprising is that we have a Vice President on the Police Protective League who's a black woman, Jerreta Sandoz, and I wonder how does she feel about that? We don't see her speaking out on this or any other issues that are troubling," she said.

Craig Lally, the President of the Police Protective League spoke about the allegations.

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"I was thoroughly disgusted when I saw it yesterday then it went to anger and I'm pretty upset about it because if in fact, this is an LA police officer who did this, you tarnish the badge and people are going to second guess us now on this because one person out of 10,000 did something really stupid and I really question their judgment when someone does something like this," he said.

Lally said the person should be fired but does not believe people should judge the Department based on "one person."

"I've gotten calls from officers throughout the department and they're explaining to me how thoroughly disgusted they are like myself and if the evidence is proven this person did this, I believe this person should be terminated. This is one individual out of almost 10,000 so I don't want anyone to paint a broad brush that all LAPD officers are like this but I anticipate the investigation will be quick," he said.

Dorsey views it differently.

"While this may very well be one officer, it was seen by many. I'm sure it was commented on by many. LAPD is not unique in that we have a social media presence, Instagram presence, Facebook presence where officers speak freely and openly about their true heart, their true intent. I bet if we could see their personnel record, we'd find that there are plenty of instances of them being excessive, aggressive, overzealous, disrespectful, treating black people without dignity time and time again and because that bad behavior is minimized and mitigated, they live to offend again and that is why they felt so comfortable creating some kind of Valentine about a man who's dead," she said.

Alex Comisar, the Press Secretary for the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti sent FOX 11 the following statement:

"The content described is abhorrent, and the Mayor is deeply concerned by reports about its circulation. There is nothing funny about murder, and the Police Department is taking this matter very seriously. The Mayor expects accountability for anyone responsible, pending the findings of an investigation."

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