California Primary voter turnout near historic lows

A glaringly low number of voters turned out for the Primary Election in California.

According to the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk office, 14.45% of registered voters in Los Angeles County cast ballots in Tuesday's primary. 

There were 822,545 ballots cast; 580,358 voters who cast by mail ballots and 242,187 voters who cast ballots at vote centers. There are 3,293 precincts in Los Angeles County and 5,690,637 registered voters in Los Angeles County.

More than $33 million has been spent on the Los Angeles mayoral race with Rick Caruso and Karen Bass heading to the November runoff. 

Homelessness, crime and economic equality are among some of the banner issues stressed by voters in the months leading up to the election.

Video from Los Feliz shows a mother confronting another woman after a Rick Caruso for Mayor sign was removed from a yard.

I find it to be very unneighborly an ‘un-American’ to be stealing other people's signs," said Maria Khalil-Otto who recorded the video. "This is the second time someone has stolen my Rick Caruso signs."

Khalil-Otto says voting would be a better way for the woman she claims stole her sign to get her opinion across.

"It feels like everyone is very heated and living in the extremes," she added. "Like they don’t even want to see the names on the street."