Intel: Putin may cite Ukraine war to meddle in US politics

Given Vladimir Putin’s antipathy toward the West and his repeated denunciations of Ukraine, officials believe he may see the U.S. backing of Ukraine’s resistance as a direct affront to him, giving him further incentive to target another U.S. election.

The Issue Is: Larry Elder and John Myers

Elex speaks with Larry Elder on his case against Governor Gavin Newsom. John Myers of the LA Times stops by to discuss recent polling and the state of the gubernatorial race.

Gubernatorial candidates wrapping up campaign trail

There's five days left to vote in the recall election. Candidates Larry Elder, John Cox and Kevin Faulconer were all in Los Angeles County Thursday campaigning. FOX 11's Phil Shuman gives the latest on the recall election.

Isaac Bryan sworn into California Assembly

Educator and community organizer Isaac Bryan will be sworn into the Assembly Friday at the state Capitol in Sacramento after winning a special election to represent a district stretching from the Westside to Inglewood.