$400 pineapple for sale in Los Angeles

Fresh Del Monte introduces the Rubyglow, a luxurious $400 red pineapple.

If there ever was a place that would sell $400 pineapples - it would be in Los Angeles. 

The Rubyglow pineapple, developed by produce giant Fresh Del Monte, isn't just any fruit. It's special and extremely rare - hence, the hefty price tag. 

Born in Costa Rica, the patented fruit is a hybrid of traditional and Morada pineapples requiring an "extended and complex cultivation process." 

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Only a few thousand of these luxury fruits are available each year. The red pineapples were previously only available in China, where there was a waitlist.

Good news if you live in Los Angeles - one retailer is selling it! Look no further than Melissa's Produce, a Los Angeles-based seller of specialty fruits and vegetables. 

"A rare gem, 15 years in the making, the Rubyglow® boasts a unique lineage born from meticulous cultivation and traditional crossbreeding. This meld of a classic pineapple and the rare Morada variety results in a striking jewel-toned exterior and rich, citrine-yellow flesh that delivers a luxurious, smooth flavor with minimal acidity," reads the description on Melissa Produce's website. 

Right now, the produce company says the pineapple is in stock, but you will need to tack on an extra $20 for four-day delivery. 


If you can't get your hands on one right now, don't be surprised. Del Monte currently has a waitlist.

FOX TV Stations contributed to this report.