Live Los Angeles Mayor Election Results

Los Angeles will soon have a new mayor and it remains to be a tight race between Rep. Karen Bass and billionaire developer Rick Caruso. 

The two candidates are nearly tied in the race; as of 4 p.m. Nov. 14, Bass had 52.15% of the votes while Caruso had 47.85%. According to the LA County Registrar/Recorder, it could take up to two weeks from Election Day for the race to be officially called. 

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Bass, a favorite of the party’s progressive wing, could become the first woman to hold the city’s top job, and the second Black person. She was endorsed by former President Barack Obama, President Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, along with several other top democratic leaders. 

Caruso, the developer behind The Grove, Palisades Village and other shopping centers, has a tough-on-crime approach and says what makes him different is that he is not a career politician. Caruso has painted himself as the candidate of change, blaming a failure of leadership for the City Hall scandal.

Caruso was endorsed by well-known celebrities Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, along with former LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and the LAPD Union.  

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The top issues concerning voters are homelessness and crime.

During the campaign, Bass said she would declare homelessness a local state of emergency on day one. She plans to house 15,000 people by the end of her first year, as well as build more temporary, affordable, and permanent housing. Caruso said he would also declare a local state of emergency on day one and utilize assistance from the state and federal government to help end homelessness in LA. His plans also include to build 30,000 interim housing units in his first 300 days. 

Bass’ take on crime focuses on crime prevention and building safer communities. She says as mayor, she would launch the Office of Community Safety to help create stronger communities and build relationships between the public and private sectors, that she says in time will help prevent crime. 


Caruso has focused his campaign on the city's rising crime rate…and outlined his plans to reduce crime, gun violence, force reform in LA and make communities safer. He has pledged to add 1,500 new officers to LAPD's force within his first term. 

Caruso says he is the only candidate with real solutions. He's spent tens of millions of dollars on attack ads. 

Caruso has been a long time Republican but switched his registered party to Democrat shortly before entering the mayoral race.

The winner will replace outgoing two-term Democratic mayor Eric Garcetti.