"The Issue Is:" Mayor Eric Garcetti, Michael Knowles, Johanna Maska, Ethan Bearman

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti steps onto "The Issue Is:" set this week & weighs in on homelessness, CA's power blackouts, and the backstory behind his rumored presidential bid.

Pointing to the city's success in sheltering the homeless, Garcetti declares L.A. "the model" for dealing with the issue.

Just this year, the city and county have borne a 16 and 12 percent uptick in homelessness, respectively.  

The two-time mayor stresses the critical need of inter-agency alliances in remedying the seemingly intractable problem.

"I remind people the city has very little power compared to the county, state, and federal government has for affordable housing, mental healthcare, and hospitals......Just if we had the money we had 10 years ago, I could've built 40,000 units of housing."

Mayor Garcetti also responds to controversy brewing over Proposition HHH, tackles climate change, and we play a special sports-themed edition of "Personal Issues."

Then, our feisty panel joins in with their no-holds-barred perspectives in tow. They debate homelessness, Congresswoman Katie Hill's resignation, and the future of the impeachment probe.

 Michael Knowles of "The Daily Wire" dukes it out with former Obama White House official, Johanna Maska, along with Ethan Bearman of "Left Coast News."

Michael equates the Mayor's answer on homelessness to "say[ing] that Krispy Kreme is the model for dealing with obesity," while Johanna ushers in her White House experience, "If L.A. was the model, I think Mayor Garcetti would be running for president."

Ethan ascribes misogyny to the right-wing website that spread Congresswoman Hill's naked photos, which forced her departure.

"There really is a double standard when it comes to women versus men...naked pictures of a woman is apparently more titillating to people on the right."

Capping off our show: Johanna's prediction on impeachment & a look at CA's celebration of Halloween.

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