The Issue Is: Harley Rouda, Metta World Peace

This week, "The Issue Is" impeachment, the CA wildfires, and mental health awareness.

Freshman Democratic Congressman Harley Rouda joins us. In 2018, he defeated long-time Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.
He was inside the House's SCIF as some GOP members "stormed" inside. 
"It was obviously a stunt...We had 20, 25 additional Republicans not on this committee force their way through the doors...some with their cell phones out taking pictures, which caused a huge raucous..."
Asked if he believes President Trump should be impeached, he responds, "I do."
The Congressman reacts to the wildfires in the golden state & the precautionary power-shutoffs Governor Newsom says is a result of "Dog-eat-dog capitalism."

 "Governor Newsom is right. The Federal government has failed, in my opinion, to get an infrastructure bill through. As climate change creates more severe, more often storms, we have to be better prepared."
Then, our one-on-one with NBA legend Meta World Peace, who's become an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness in the U.S.
"You want to be vulnerable. The feel comfortable with yourself, they more you're going to help someone else."
World Peace also addresses the "NBA-China" controversy, a dispute anchored around free speech.
"I understand everyone runs their country differently. But, when you're working with America and America is working with China, you have to embrace the culture."
Finally, a crossover between "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and the Mueller Report -- a play to raise funds for former Senator Barbara Boxer's left-leaning political action committee.
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