Woman scammed out of $2,500 for fake World Series tickets

A woman's Dodger dreams of going to the World Series have been stolen. She's out $2,500 bucks after buying what she thought were tickets to Game Three of the World Series!

"We don't have extra money laying around so this was going to be something that my family would have remembered for their whole lives," said Amy Horn as she was holding counterfeit World Tickets for Friday night's game.

Horn only found out they were fake after contacting the box office at Dodger Stadium.

"I told him the section, the row number and the seat number and he said those seats don't exist," she said.

The four tickets were for sale through Craig's List for $2500 last weekend.

In the advertisement the seller wrote that she was "not trying to scalp anyone" and asked for "serious inquires only."

"The way it was written to me seemed legit," Horn said.

Horn's husband and two sons ages 7 and 9 are huge Dodger fans.

She contacted the seller who offered to transfer the tickets before Horn sent any money.

Horn said the tickets looked real with MLB logos, her name and order number.

"The email address they are from is ladodgers@mlb.com and I Googled the site and it does belong to the Dodgers," she said.

Horn even had a very personal exchange via text message with the seller in which she told her about her sons' love of baseball.

The seller replied, "I'm not going to scam you please please don't worry about that."

"These people are out there and they're professional," Horn said.

The seller directed Horn to transfer the cash via Walmart, which she did.

The seller also said the paper copies of the tickets would be available at the box office at Dodger's Stadium.

When Horn called, someone at the box office told her the seats she purchased don't exist.

Horn filed a police report on Thursday and wants other buyers to beware of this scam.

"It makes me really angry and I don't want anybody else to go through this," she said.

Experts advise purchasing tickets through accredited websites, paying with a credit card and checking the tickets very carefully.