Red Sox fans gather in LA

The last time Kyle Faticoni went to a Dodgers' game, she removed her license plate in fear her car would be burglarized. You see, she's a Los Angeles resident, but a Red Sox fan.

"I would go to Yankees Stadium wearing Red Sox stuff and feel fine, but Dodger Stadium," Faticoni pauses. "It's a little bit dicey. I'm thankful for the insurance," she laughed about possible damage to her car.

But when she recently scored tickets to games 3 and 5 of the World Series in Los Angeles, she decided she wouldn't let the fear of vandalism change the way she cheered on her team.

"I've never been so excited to risk my car getting keyed at Dodger Stadium in my entire life. Dearest Boston Red Sox, I'll see you soon!!"

Faticoni spent Game 2 cheering on the Sox from a nearby bar in Santa Monica. Sonny McLeans is a bar that caters to the New England crowd.

"We'll have Dodgers fans in here tonight, but they'll be outnumbered," said Bar Owner Grant Woods.

Woods is from New Zealand, but took over the bar nine years ago and says he inherited the Boston crowd.

"We can't send them away. They have to have to have a home, and we're happy to do it for them,' he added.

With a game 2 win, Woods dispatched a free round of drinks to everyone at the bar. Faticoni says it's truly a home away from home.

"Everyone knows all the cheers, knows all the songs, knows what to do," she said. "It's the right community."