Ohio factory makes every official football by hand for Super Bowl LIII

A factory in Ohio makes every professional NFL football by hand.

The Wilson Football Factory in Ada, Ohio assembles the 216 balls that will be used during Super Bowl LIII between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

Each ball is cut, sewn, turned, laced, inflated and molded to its final shape before being put through an inspection process to ensure the quality of each football, the company said.

Wilson employee Ashley Lamb is one of two lockstich operators who make every single NFL football. Lamb and representatives with Wilson traveled to Atlanta to be part of the interactive Super Bowl fan experience event, where fans can get a personalized Wilson football.

Lamb said she gets fulfillment from seeing the product she handcrafted be used on the field.

"All of us take a lot of pride. Everybody at the factory each has their hands on these balls, and it's an amazing, amazing thing to watch," Lamb said.

The Wilson Factory has been building the footballs by hand in Ada since 1955.


FOX 11 reported on this story from Los Angeles.