Motorbike rider becomes world's first paraplegic to complete backflip on motorbike

In January 2014, motorbike rider Bruce Cook attempted one of the most difficult feats, a back flip, at the Nitro Circus, an action sports event in Canada.

Cook tragically broke his back and lost use of his legs when he crashed attempting the trick. However, he was determined to get back on his bike.

At the Air Canada Center in Toronto on October 14, he attempted the feat again, this time as a paraplegic. His team fashioned a new bike for him by building a cage around his legs and strapping him in to his bike.

"There's no eject button anymore, you're on the ride for whatever happens," Cook says in a video capturing the event.

He completed the miraculous feat, becoming the world's first paraplegic to perform a back flip on a motorbike, according to Nitro Circus.

Watch his incredible feat below.