Derrick Rose gets chummy with jurors after verdict clearing him

Derrick Rose was wearing a big smile as he walked out of the federal courthouse Wednesday in Downtown Los Angeles. His jury of six women and two men cleared him of all of the allegations.

He and two friends were accused of gang-rape allegations. The jury said it didn't happen.

The two male jurors were John and Jared. They are 22 and 25, respectively. Both preferred not to give their last names.

When asked, both said they weren't convinced by what the plaintiff was saying.

"The fact that the only evidence were text messages. There was no rape kit. She really didn't do any of the steps to prove her own case," Jared said.

He also said the accuser, Rose's ex-girlfriend, wasn't very good on the stand.

"It was the way she said things," he said. "It was the attitude she had about it. It felt like she was playing us."

Waukeen McCoy was the plaintiff's attorney. He told reporters, "It's hard to believe the jury came back with this conclusion. There was no sexual battery here? No trespass? I think the evidence was overwhelming."

But, clearly the jury didn't think so.

As he came out of the federal courthouse, NBA Star Derrick Rose had only four words for reporters who wanted to know what he thought when he heard the jury's words that cleared him. He didn't have much to say. He didn't talk about relief. He just talked about getting back to the other court… the basketball one.

Rose's response was to say he wants to "focus on the season." That's all he said. Those four words.

His attorney, Mark Baute, went a different way taking the moment in front of the cameras to criticize the media.

"The media reporting in this case was biased against the black men," Baute said.

The attorney was very brisk with reporters. He announced they had two minutes to ask questions and then refused to answer some like the one, "Were you taking pictures with jurors inside?" We won't answer that, next question."

He doesn't have to answer. The Internet is now flooded with pictures of Rose and Baute posing with jurors, including a picture with John and Jared.

So, now, Rose - as he said- will focus on the season. The plaintiff's attorney will consider if he can appeal.

And those souvenir pictures? One of the female jurors said she didn't know "if I'm going to cherish it," but she has it.

And now Rose gets back to business. The business of basketball.

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