Olympic & Bundy: Empowering Children Who Are Homeless

The 'Anything Is Possible Foundation' is working to play a role in California's crisis of homelessness by providing after school mentors to families in transition.

LISTEN: Episode 94 - Anything is Possible Foundation: Empowering Children Who Are Homeless

Their mission is to "Have the youth discover that anything is possible for themselves and their life and that they make THE difference in the world. They get to choose and create how their future goes!"

In this podcast we chat with "Anything Is Possible Foundation" founder Jordan DeBear, Matt Snead, Director of Operations, and board member Clyde Terry, a retired Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy.

For more information, visit www.anythingispossiblefoundation.org.

(FOX 11 Los Angeles)

Podcast Producer: Oscar Flores
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