The Issue Is: Impeachment

Democratic Donor Tom Steyer has always dabbled in politics, but never quite like now. Since July, he’s hopped into the crowded field of 2020 Democratic hopefuls. In his interview on FOX11’s “The Issue Is: with Elex Michaelson,” Steyer explained what separates him from the pack. “The debates were about very important policies…none of these policies can happen until we break the corporate takeover of America.” Steyer, who spearheaded the organization, ‘Need to Impeach,’ also made a bold prediction. Come November, “there’s a good chance [Trump] won’t even be on the ballot.” We discuss impeachment, California's power blackout problems, and the upcoming Democratic debate with our panel. 

Olympic & Bundy: LAPD History in Celebration

From the North Hollywood shootout to the kidnapping of Patty Hearst, to the first LAPD chief. Roberto (Bob) Alaniz has stories to tell. He's an LAPD sergeant and on the Board of Directors for the Los Angeles Police Museum and the Los Angeles City Historical Society. 

What the Hal? United State of Women

The allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Film Producer Harvey Weinstein lit a fire under the women’s movement. Now, more and more women are joining the fight on a wide range of issues, from equal pay to equal power in government and business.

The Issue Is: Gianno Caldwell

In this podcast Gianno Caldwell tells us what it’s like growing up on the south side of Chicago, how he got into politics and what it’s like being a conservative African American. 

What the Hal? Gunshot sounds and anxiety

Mass shootings seem to be happening more and more; at schools, workplaces, malls, and places of worship. And they have just about everyone on edge. In this podcast we talk about how to deal with "active shooter anxiety" while remaining vigilant and safe. 

What the Hal? Words from Holocaust survivors

They survived the unspeakable-- the Holocaust. David Lenga and Adela Manheimer were both children living in concentration camps at the time of Nazi Germany. Filmmaker Donna Kanter recently released a documentary highlighting stories of people involved in the Holocaust.