History of Los Angeles television with Joel Tator and Mitch Waldow

Television as we know it today is multi-platform. You can watch a newscast on your TV, you can watch a show that lives on the Internet and mirror it onto your TV and you can watch a TV show on the Internet.

But obviously it wasn't always that way.

The early days of television were very experimental, groundbreaking and sometimes kind of dangerous. Much of television history was made in Los Angeles -- as well as some big careers.

Joel Tator, who has produced and directed thousands of broadcasts, wrote a book about the history of Los Angeles television. Mitch Waldow is the archive manager at KTTV/KCOP and also is a veteran of the Los Angeles broadcast market.

Both Joel and Mitch joined me on Olympic & Bundy to share their memories and knowledge about the history of television in Los Angeles -- including the first television helicopter, the first big breaking news stories covered on television, the first live coverage of an atomic bomb, the careers of people like Betty White, Lawrence Welk, and more.

One of the many takeaways that I had from this conversation is that learning the history about television, including the struggles and difficulties to develop it, really makes you appreciate technology in its current form.

Click here to listen to the full episode with Mitch and Joel.

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