Point of View: In support of recalling George Gascón

It’s been about a year since George Gascón took office as LA County DA, so how’s he doing? 

Well, crime is spiking in ways we couldn’t even imagine a couple years ago with brazen armed robberies in broad daylight in the Fairfax district and Beverly Hills, in people’s driveways and even at home parties.  Smash and grab gang robberies in department stores and smaller shops are happening almost daily.  When compared with 2019 murders are up 49%, aggravated assaults are up 16%, and grand theft auto is up a staggering 54%. 

Certainly all of this can’t be blamed on Gascón, but he’s the guy in the pilot’s seat as the plane spirals out of control.  He’s the guy who backed the disastrous Prop 47.  And he’s the guy who’s demonstrated more concern for criminals than for the victims. 

George Gascón was elected in the very same election where Californian voters clearly said "no" to a no-bail policy, and within days Gascón unilaterally disregarded the voter’s direction. 

Now, if one city or two voted no confidence in George Gascón it would be an antidotal piece of trivia. But when more than two dozen cities have voted no confidence in him that is a deafening roar that should have our full attention. 

So, in answer to my own question, I don’t see how his first year could have been more of a catastrophic failure. 

I think it’s pretty clear to most of us that if we’re going to reverse this terrifying violent crime trend, the first and fastest place to start is by removing this ruinous district attorney – George Gascón.  How can you help?  Well, a new initiative to recall Gascón is being circulated now and I encourage you to sign the petition if you’re asked.  We just can’t wait for the next regular election to get this guy out of the system.  There’ll be much more to do after he’s gone, but this is a logical first step.

What are your thoughts? Call and let us know.

I’m Bill Lamb, and that’s my Point of View.

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