Point of View: Some terrorists wear nice suits

Vladimir Putin has shown us that terrorists can wear expensive tailored suits and actually look quite civilized, but with his army and his utter disregard for human life, Putin is the most dangerous terrorist on the planet.

Point of View: Why is coronavirus getting worse?

Back in March and April, we didn’t know how bad Covid-19 could get. We all hung on the words of Governor Newsom and Mayor Garcetti as they held daily news conferences. Fast forward to today when the pandemic is killing more people than it was in Marc

Point of View: Homelessness explodes since Prop 47 was passed in 2014

Homelessness and drug abuse existed long before Prop 47. But what Prop 47 did was make illegal drug use a misdemeanor rather than a felony and took away law enforcement’s power to give addicts a choice of prison time or treatment. The result has been a shocking increase in homelessness and drug addiction on the streets of LA.

Point of View: Houston Astros cheated to win the 2017 World Series

Baseball fans wondered how the Houston Astros could manhandle the Dodgers great pitchers in the 2017 World Series. Now we know. They cheated. Major League Baseball came down hard on the Astros, as they should have, but Commissioner Rob Manfred has one more thing he must do. He can’t give the World Series Trophy to the Dodgers because they didn’t win it. But he certainly can take it back from the Astros and vacate their World Series win.

Point of View: How Is One of America’s Highest Gas Taxes Not Enough

California drivers pay more than double the national average for state gasoline taxes. After voters approved another six-cent increase in July, Governor Newsom signed an executive order in September that allows him to redirect some of these funds to programs addressing climate change instead of infrastructure repair. Do you think that was a bait and switch, or do you think he did the right thing?

Point of View: Fixing Metro train service

In a city with far too much traffic, with too many cars carrying just one person, you would think a mass transportation system would be embraced, right?

Point of View: California's bullet train

Remember the bullet train? This is a project the voters thought they wanted, but if they’re still paying attention, it’s clear there isn’t anywhere near enough money to complete this project. And in the great California tradition, the red tape is strangling it.

Point of View: Founding Fathers: "Are You People Stupid?"

After more than a dozen people were murdered in mass shootings by mentally ill people in just the past week, why do we continue to do nothing except offer our thoughts and prayers?  I believe in the second amendment, but if you could ask the founding fathers if they intended for the second amendment to guarantee mentally ill people the right to bear arms, I promise you they would say, “Of course not!  Don’t be stupid!”

Point of View: Are California drivers being ripped off by big oil?

California drivers pay the highest gas prices in America.  Yes, we have the special blend that reduces emissions, but most major cities do.  And yes, we have some of the highest taxes in the country.  California lawmakers love their taxes.  But after that, I have never understood why our prices are so much higher than anywhere else in the country.  

Point of View: Saving the horse racing industry

Point of View is about bringing many diverse issues to the forefront and discussing them. You may not sense a theme from week to week, which is what I’m hoping for.  I will be all over the place.  Not all topics will be equally important, but they will all be worth discussing.  Last week was about our homeless situation, today is about horse racing.  No relation between the two, but both need discussion.  

Point of View: Nothing is fair about California's "Fair Pay" bill

The California legislature has now passed something they call the “fair pay” bill that would allow some college athletes to hire agents, sign endorsement deals, and benefit financially from their high profiles. But it really isn't fair at all.  For the most part, athletes in non-revenue sports aren’t going to get much if any of this pay.  Only a few elite football and basketball players will really benefit.  They’re the ones on TV who are well known.  

Point of View: Public Utilities Commission

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has not done its job when it comes to fire safety. Most Californians have never heard of the PUC. Yet its’ mandate is extremely important. They regulate all utilities and power generators. Among the responsibilities of the PUC is to do everything possible to make sure that Public Utilities are not the cause of wildfires like the Camp inferno that...

Point of View: Wait times at the DMV

DMV lines doubled in the last few months and wait times are over 4 hours long just for basic services. DMV claims it is overwhelmed by the need to issue the new Real ID required by the federal government. Yet it has had over 10 years notice and received 70  million dollars from the state to deal with issuing the new identification.