Point of View: Public Utilities Commission

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has not done its job when it comes to fire safety. Most Californians have never heard of the PUC. Yet its’ mandate is extremely important. They regulate all utilities and power generators. Among the responsibilities of the PUC is to do everything possible to make sure that Public Utilities are not the cause of wildfires like the Camp inferno that...

Point of View: Wait times at the DMV

DMV lines doubled in the last few months and wait times are over 4 hours long just for basic services. DMV claims it is overwhelmed by the need to issue the new Real ID required by the federal government. Yet it has had over 10 years notice and received 70  million dollars from the state to deal with issuing the new identification.

Point of View: Pension Crisis (editorial)

Ever rising California government pension costs are reducing the funds available for  basic government  functions.  Things like education, healthcare, public works and  public safety.  

Point of View: The Bullet Train Song

The bullet train had become so tragic and painful for Californians that is has inspired a song from an award winning Country writer and performer.

Point of View: An update on the bullet train to nowhere

The bullet train to nowhere is one gigantic boondoggle that is a bigtime taxpayer rip-off.  The first leg of Governor Brown's choo-choo train was supposed to cost 6.8 billion and go from Madera to Shafter.   Now the cost has ballooned to an astounding 9 billion. For what? To ride from Madera to Shafter?  Definitely not worth it.

Point of View: Johnny Can't Read

Basic literacy is essential for all our citizens, yet less than half the students passed the reading portion of California’s most recent statewide literacy tests. What a monumental failure. 

Point of View: Action needed for LA's homeless encampments

We have all seen the trashy unsightly homeless camps that have sprouted up all over our city. This has become a major problem.  In fact, in many of these encampments drug, prostitution and gang activity is rampant. They also can be an extreme health hazard as the San Diego outbreak of Hepatitis A has shown. 

Point of View: Is LA ready for an earthquake?

Los Angeles is going to have a massive catastrophic earthquake.  We do not know exactly when, but it will happen sooner than later. A recent study by US Geological Survey found that Southern California is overdue for a major temblor. 

Prop 47: Crime is up, arrests are down

Crime is up, and arrests are down. It is not surprising that arrests are down 30% since 2014 when Prop 47 went into effect.  The problem with Prop 47 is simply many felonies were downgraded to misdemeanors. Under Prop 47 for example, property theft in many cases went from a felony to a misdemeanor. Stealing a gun became no more than a misdemeanor ticket.

Point of View: Law Enforcement, Sergeant Steve Owen

Almost all of us at some time in our lives will need the help of law enforcement.  They are there for us so we should be there for them.  It is so important to always remember that they risk their lives for us.  A routine call could be their last.

Point of View: Probation of Criminals

It makes no sense that released state prisoners can violate probation an endless number of times, but never get more than 10 days in county jail. Yet that is exactly what happened in the case of Michael Mejia, who murdered Whittier police officer Keith Boyer.  

Point of View: California's High Speed Rail

According to a federal rail administration risk analysis the first 118 miles of the California Bullet Train between Merced and Shafter will cost as much as $10 billion. 

Point of View: Computer Debacle

For most of us computers are a part of modern life, yet the State of California remains in the computer dark ages.

Point of View: Crime is surging in SoCal (editorial)

For 2015, violent crime was up almost 20% and property crime up more than 10%.  So why would we change the law to let potentially 25,000 more serious offenders out of our jails and prisons?

Point of View: Twin Tunnels

It is patently clear, Governor Brown, that your bullet train is a monumental failure and a waste of billions.