Woman Sues LA Archdiocese For Sexual Harassment Charges Against Pastor

Statement from the Archdiocese Of Los Angeles:

"The Archdiocese received a report of misconduct against Fr. Assi by an adult female parishioner in 2014. The matter was reported to the police and Fr. Assi was removed from ministry pending the result of the police investigation. Statements were also read at the parish informing parishioners of the matter and announcements were made at prior parishes that he served at. The Archdiocese offered the female parishioner professional counseling and she declined. The Archdiocese did not receive any previous reports of misconduct prior to the 2014 report and has not received any other similar complaints against Fr. Assi.

The matter was investigated by law enforcement and the District Attorney's office declined to press any charges. After cooperating with law enforcement and following all archdiocesan protocols, Fr. Assi was returned to ministry as a priest in good standing. The Archdiocese recently was informed that the female parishioner alleged additional details arising out of the same incident that were not previously reported to the Archdiocese during the investigation in 2014. The Archdiocese informed law enforcement of the information and offered the female parishioner an opportunity for further interviews, which she declined. Law enforcement informed the Archdiocese that the information did not result in reopening the case. The case has since been closed."