Woman loses engagement ring taking photos on beach

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A woman from Lancaster, California is putting out a plea on social media and hoping for a miracle.

Andrea Ponticelli says she was at El Matador Beach in Malibu taking photos with her husband on Tuesday, March 27th when a wave knocked her engagement ring off her finger.

Ponticelli's husband had just returned from serving 15 months in South Korea and they were taking photos with photographer Lauren Wilcoxen to celebrate his return.

She posted about the incident on Facebook writing that they were taking photos in the water and it was cold and her ring got loose without her knowledge. She says a wave then came and took the ring right off her finger.

"It happened so fast and I couldn't see in the water due to the sand. I couldn't grab it. My husband couldn't grab it. It was gone. The ocean literally swallowed my wedding ring," Ponticelli writes.

Her post continues saying it's not just a ring, but the sentimental value of the ring that is leaving her heart broken.

"I have worn that ring on my finger for almost 5 years. Since I was 18-years-old that ring has been on my finger. It's a part of me."

Ponticelli says she wrote the post in the hopes that it will get around and perhaps someone will find her ring washed up on the beach and have a big enough heart to return it.

She finishes her post with, "That ring means everything to me, and my husband was so proud of that ring. I feel so empty without it on my finger."

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