Winter Haven man keeps Clinton tattoo after election

As we've seen throughout the election, Americans supported their candidates in a variety of different ways. Some quietly. Some loudly. And others, much more permanently.

Long after the 2016 presidential election is just a page in history books, Ron Morrison will remember exactly who he voted for -- even if she didn't win.

"People that voted for Hillary loved it," Morrison said. "She still won popular vote so she still won in my heart, even though I woke up at 3 in the morning and I had a broken heart at that time, ha ha."

Right now, laughter is the best cure for a broken heart and some very permanent art. The owner of Ron's Barber Shop in Winter Haven got a Hillary Clinton tattoo on his arm in September. It was his first tattoo ever for the first female president ever -- or so he'd hoped.

He wasn't alone in proclaiming his epidermal allegiance. In August, Sean from St. Pete proudly unveiled his Trump stamp -- a portrait of the Republican nominee Donald Trump on his leg.

"Couldn't have possibly asked for a better tattoo," Sean said. "This is the best Trump tattoo I've ever seen. I couldn't think of anything more patriotic that a Trump tattoo."

They both knew the risks; they knew the rules, that in the end, only one party's skin could win.

"That's just politics, the way it is," Morrison said.

If Morrison could say one thing to Hillary Clinton, "I'd say honey, you did a job well done."

So, while he may not have the 45th president under his sleeve, he still has the 67th secretary of state... and a tale to tell about the Electoral College.

"Things just don't always go your way," Morrison said. "It's a beautiful day out there like Obama said. The sun came up this morning and it's gonna come up tomorrow morning, too. So, we will just keep on going and hoping for the best."

If there's any silver lining, Morrison says the tattoo looks like his mother when she was in her 20s and 30s. When he first got it, he joked that he'd put the word "Mom" underneath it if Clinton lost.

For now, he says he's proud to show who he supported.