Windsor Hills crash: Driver in deadly crash had allegedly been involuntary committed several times

The driver charged with murder for a deadly crash in Windsor Hills earlier this month allegedly has a history of mental health troubles dating back years, which includes multiple involuntary commitments to mental health facilities, according to court documents. 

Nicole Linton, a 37-year-old nurse from Texas, is facing six counts of murder and five counts of gross vehicular manslaughter for her role in the crash that killed six, including an eight-months-pregnant woman, her unborn child, and her son

According to a motion filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office Monday, Linton has a history of mental health issues dating back to at least 2018. The motion says that Linton's defense team has provided the DA's office with information on multiple incidents, "which appear to be increasing in severity, ranging from the defendant jumping on police cars to jumping out of apartment windows," in addition to multiple involuntary commitments to mental health facilities. Linton has also allegedly "has hurt herself more than once."

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The motion was filed as part of a bail review hearing scheduled for Monday. That hearing has been delayed until Aug. 31. 

Also included in that document were more details about the day of that deadly crash. According to the DA's office, Linton was driving southbound on La Brea Avenue, and as she approached the intersection of La Brea and Slauson Avenue, she accelerated her car to 90 miles per hour. The traffic signal on Slauson had been green for nine seconds when Linton drove through, the motion says. 

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The result - Linton "plowed her Mercedes into two cars, essentially simultaneously, splitting one of the cars in two and immediately igniting both vehicles in fire," Deputy District Attorney Brittany Vannoy writes.

Last week, prosecutors alleged that Linton has been involved in 13 crashes outside of California over the years. One of the crashes allegedly took place as recently as 2020, ending with people getting hurt, prosecutors said.

If convicted as charged, Linton could face up to 90 years in prison.