Wednesday's Child: Jahzara is a multi-faceted teen looking for a forever home

Jahzara (b. July 2008) is a multi-faceted youth who is like a ray of sunshine!

Not only does she like to listen to music and sing, she’s also active in the school band.  Jahzara can be quite imaginative and creative when it comes to her appearance, too and can often be found trying out different styles, colors and looks with her hair, make-up and accessories.  Jahzara loves the performing arts and as a backdrop this holiday season, we met up with her at the Terrace Theater in Long Beach, CA to see the inner-workings of their legacy Nutcracker Ballet!

Jahzara has had some dance lessons before, and recalls that at age four she was enamored by ballet and how body movements can tell a story. She still remembers how to do some of the formal movements in ballet such as the passé and coupé.

Jahzara is thinking she may want to become what she calls a transitional kindergarten teacher someday. Her purpose for pursuing this is that she loves kids and wants to help children transition seamlessly from pre-school into a more structured environment so they can have the skills to succeed in school.

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Jahzara looks forward to finding a permanent family that will love and accept her for the awesome person she is today, as well as support and encourage her as she blossoms into her remarkable future-self!  To see more of Jahzara on the ballet floor, tune in Wednesday’s Child -- and to learn more about adopting, give us a call at 1-866-921-ADOPT (2367).