Wedding photos lost Oakland airport BART station reunited with California couple

A Houston-based flight attendant and part-time photographer spent weeks trying to help reunite a married couple with their wedding photos.

Alicia Fort found a flash drive with the photos on May 6 after she touched down at the Oakland International Airport. It had been dropped in the crosswalk on the way to the BART station there. There are about 200 photo on the SanDisk Drive.

Since finding it, she's posted the photos on Reddit, on Facebook and in some photography groups.

"I just want to return their memories," she said. "That's all I want."

She got her wish on Tuesday. Within 15 minutes of KTVU posting her mission on Facebook at 1 p.m., Eduardo Mares' phone started going nuts.

"Everyone was messaging me and tagging me," Mares said.

The photos were indeed of him and his wife, Diana Mares, who married two years ago at the Holy Rosary Church in Woodland, Calif.

But Mares' grandfather in Mexico is sick and his parents flew out of Oakland on May 6 to visit him. The grandfather wasn't able to attend his wedding, to Mares' parents took print photos as well as the flashdrive with them.

Mares said his parents didn't even know the drive had fallen out from their luggage.

He was thrilled they were found though, and thought it was extra kind of Fort to have tried so hard to find him.

The two connected by phone later Tuesday afternoon to exchange details on how to get the photos back to him.

"I'm going to pop the drive in the mail first thing in the morning," Frost said.